Sunday, September 13, 2015

Halloween Steals

I wish someone had told me years ago to go to the dollar store for Halloween! I spent $22 and got almost everything I was planning on purchasing online!

Unlike most dollar store items, the Halloween items I purchased were the exact same items I was looking at online not poorer quality versions. The cheapest prices I found online for these items ranged from $5-10 so a major score! For example this Halloween tape is 30 feet, the same length as $5 versions sold online.

I also discovered there are actually dollar stores still around where everything is $1! The first store I ventured to claimed to be a dollar store but I could not find anything in the store that was only $1. Which did not stop me from buying this $3 owl, still cheaper than ones I've seen elsewhere.

I went to one store last week and the shelves were empty and no Halloween stuff in site. I asked and they said they had received all of their Halloween items and had cleared shelves for them but hadn't had time to put them out yet. Their deadline from corporate was to have everything out by the second Friday in September. I did find some great fall items in the meantime like this cute pumpkin.

And of course I went back on the second Friday to find them frantically putting everything out to meet their deadline, finding some major finds before anyone else! Can't wait to go back again!

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