Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mirror Pumpkin...So Easy

This time of year you can find glass pumpkin jars everywhere including thrift stores. I picked up this jar at a yard sale.

I had a few ideas for it and then I came across The Frugal Homemaker's blog and decided to go with a mirror finish. 

The mirror effects spray paint is sold at most but not all hardware stores. Its a bit pricey compared to other spray paints but its worth it. I was hesitant never using this type of spray paint before and figured it would take some practice. To my surprise it was extremely easy!

I followed The Frugal Homemaker's instructions and it came out perfect on my first try! Remember you must spray the inside of the object to get the mirror effect. Its really runny so I sprayed the top (of the inside) first and let it run down the sides of the pumpkin. I ended up doing 4 (really light) coats

I can't wait to add mirror effects to everything!!

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